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Reports of growing discontent among the Tory ranks has pundits speculating that the PM could be on his way out.
The Tories should avoid "ripping off" Ukip in order to combat the Eurosceptic party's growing appeal, Tory backbencher Zac
A Tory MP has sparked controversy after suggesting there was "more than a hint of party politics" behind the launch of a
Conservative ex-deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine has risked causing controversy by blaming the productivity gap between
'Thank you for your email of today regarding Page 3 girls in the Sun. While I understand that some people are offended at seeing naked breasts, this particular page is something of a national institution, providing the girls with a job and Sun readers with some light and harmless entertainment.'
Tory MPs have tabled a series of Bills that would, among other things, ban the burka, privatise the BBC, bring back the death
At least 30 Conservative MPs have signed letters calling for a vote of no confidence in David Cameron's leadership, a leading
Conservative MPs have developed a habit of not doing what they are told - and they have found it to be quite addictive. David
Dozens of MPs and peers have signed up to a cross-party alliance in opposition to same-sex marriage plans claiming the government
A 'blue-on-blue' row has erupted after suggestions the coalition is poised to give prisoners the vote, with one Tory MP saying
Tuesday morning football is quite competitive despite the average age being over 40. And Alan was always the oldest there but whatever he lacked in youth he made up for in vigour. Quite an impressive feat for a man in his 70s. Nevertheless, no matter if he was in goal or in the outfield, when playing Alan always displayed determination and gusto - like a fan wearing his club's colours on a Saturday.