Many people on social media are frustrated that a cisgender performer has once again been hired for a trans role.
Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien’s husband has been charged in her death.
new activists I took up every opportunity I had to state my case and stand in my truth. I didn't back down, despite immense backlash from the public and right-wing press. I've received threats of death, rape and violence, anonymous phone calls and friends selling me out. But it's only made me more and more determined to refine my message, educate people and get my true message out there into the world. That we live in a racist society and largely not owning up to it or discussing why things are the way they are for people of colour.
new activists I began my campaign as I began my transition, about four years now, and I basically travel around the UK to galleries, museums, festivals, universities and colleges (whoever will have me) and offer the public free manicures for the chance to sit and have a chat with a trans person. They can ask me any questions they have about trans stuff and I can teach them how to be an ally and that, but the most important part of the interaction for me is just having a chat, because what I'm really trying to do is humanise the issue a bit and break down people's misconceptions by showing that trans people are pretty normal (and pretty nice too to be honest).
Questioning trans women's validity as women is not simply a question of privilege. It is an attempt to restrict womanhood and to define it in cis terms. To ensure that cis experiences become the default woman's experience.
CJ Bruce is a genderqueer activist, who in this vlog for HuffPost UK talks about what it means to be genderqueer, the importance of telling the stories of trans and non-binary people, and what LGBT History Month means to them.
I honestly can't wait to see what the trans campaign achieves with its own resources and a dedicated officer. This decision has reaffirmed my faith in our movement and its commitment to Liberation, this isn't the end, but for now here at NUS we'll be celebrating this long sought win.
Not so long ago I was living on social security, worrying if I had enough money left to buy enough food to see me through the week. A few months later I'm rubbing shouders with rock 'n' roll royalty, making headlines around the globe for simply doing my job and now have over 60,000 followers on Twitter. Bizarre - and all because I got a birth defect sorted out.
The 295 (at least) trans* people who were murdered this year alone were sons, daughters, siblings, friends, parents, students, teachers, lovers. They brought light to the dark places they stepped and their presence raised awareness. But they were deemed to be "other", to be "wrong", to be inferior and for that they were killed.
This is something people need to realise: people no longer feel safe. They fear for their lives. They fear that their rights will be taken away and they fear more discrimination, harassment and violence.