“Let’s see what happens to them now," the president said, once again attempting to shift blame for campaign interference to his predecessor.
The former army chief, who led Pakistan for seven years following a coup, denies the charges.
States like Russia are ever more likely to attack the UK in ways falling short of outright armed conflict, ranging from cyberattacks and use of chemical weapons to severing undersea cables
According to the affidavit, the communications minister sent two confidential emails.
Hakainde Hichilema posts on Facebook that life in prison is not easy
It's "evidence that I'm not a Russian spy," says NSA whistleblower.
"The wholly unintelligent act of Mokotedi, will hasten the road to prison for him and his accomplices, for which we should all be grateful," O'Sullivan said.
Robert McBride, Paul O'Sullivan, Shadrack Sibiya, AfriForum and Democratic Alliance members have been fingered in an alleged plot to murder the Gauteng Hawks boss, overthrow the president and cause an 'Arab Spring'.
Prince Mokotedi claims the group conspired to murder him and Hawks boss Lieutenant General Mthandazo Berning Ntlemeza.
He called for pro-EU views to be subject to life imprisonment
Spooner was later reported as saying: “It is illogical nonsense from someone who clearly needs support.” Downing Street distanced
UPDATE: Christian Holliday Suspended After Calling for Brexit Opposition To Be A Criminal Offence A Tory councillor has started
It's early November and you're panicking. You've decided to host a themed party the likes of which have never been seen before but you don't know which theme to choose. You like eggs but Easter is too far away? You enjoy Christmas but can't stand eggnog? You love Yom Kippur but you're not Jewish? Never fear...