Mental health charity Mind is calling for a distinction to be made between those playing truant and those suffering from mental health conditions.
Parents of 61 children appeared before magistrates courts for allegedly failing to ensure their children regularly attended
Parents of children who repeatedly skip school will have their child benefit docked if they refuse to pay up fines, David
Thousands of parents in England are being taken to court over their children skipping school, after the imposition of a ban
100% Attendance Awards are growing in popularity with most UK primary and secondary schools now using them to encourage better attendance and less truanting by pupils. The real problem with 100% Attendance Schemes, however, is that they don't work.
Students who take gap years are more likely to smoke weed, "engage in risky behaviour" and earn less than those who go to
The troubled families programme is a major government initiative and one of its most prominent aims is to tackle problems with truancy and exclusion children of troubled families often have.
Police in Wiltshire are cracking down on truants by herding them out of bed and driving them to school in a bid to reduce
Fines for parents who do not ensure their children attend school should be increased, with the money taken automatically
Rising numbers of pupils are skipping school without permission, official figures showed today. Statistics published by the