trump administration

Donald Trump's running for president again, so you can look forward to more of his "fun" ideas — like the time he tried to buy Greenland.
President Biden has already begun overturning orders issued by Trump.
Donald Trump called everything he did, from his election to his trade deals, "historic." But his last months in office finally make that claim correct.
The Covid-19 treatment has since been shown to be more than 90% effective. Widespread rollouts of the Pfizer drug begin this week in the U.K.
This year's White House holiday display features an "America the Beautiful" theme, with nods to women's suffrage and the Covid-19 crisis.
Lawyers say they can't locate the parents of at least 545 migrant children after they were separated under the president's "zero-tolerance" border policy.
The White House adviser is reportedly experiencing symptoms of Covid-19.
The president's longtime confidant was convicted of lying, witness tampering and obstruction in the Russia probe.
Trump said it's fine for a “Secret Service person or somebody” to do household chores for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo — if his wife can't.