If the UK is only going to speak out about human rights when its own nationals like Matthew Hedges are affected, then it will be betraying thousands of brave human rights defenders around the globe
Cyril Ramaphosa has returned from an investment-seeking drive with $20 billion's worth of investment in his pocket.
'The blockade of Qatar, though unique in many ways, serves as an example of how, when handed lemons, a state can make lemonade.'
Justice Minister Michael Masutha said the agreement is not a broader extradition treaty, but is limited to the Gupta case.
The man who filmed Ajay Gupta in Dubai is under investigation by UAE authorities.
A section on the international relations department website has not been updated for the duration of the Zuma administration.
Jamie Harron's terrible ordeal should encourage the media to dig deeper and explore the human rights behaviour of the UAE authorities. If it does this, then some good may come of this episode. However, if the media chooses to frame it in cultural and racial terms then the outcome will be somewhat different. One only has to note the Islamophobic comments underneath some of the articles to see how quickly this can degenerate into racist and, often orientalist, stereotyping.
As Qatar seeks to transform itself from an oil-based economy to a knowledge-based economy, these gains - for the region and the world - are under threat. It would be a scandal if they were squandered over a fabricated news story based on fabricated quotes planted by state-sponsored hackers.
* Please don't step on my yoga mat - I feel there is a sacred quality to a yoga mat. I feel my mat carries so much energy, experiences from my yoga journey. To me, stepping on my mat is like someone treading on my sofa with your shoes, so please treat other people's mats with respect and walk around them.
After growing up watching a raft of great romantic movies, from Dirty Dancing to Grease, and Pretty Woman, in a home full