uk cost of living

The chancellor said he would 'keep everything under review'.
Economists are pointing out that the UK is still seeing the biggest fall in living standards since the 1950s.
The chancellor is under pressure from his own MPs to use the spring statement to help household budgets.
With the cost of fuel rising, it's only fair to chip in on that car share with a mate.
The Chancellor said his plan was "fair, targeted and proportionate".
The Chancellor said 28 million households will benefit as a result of the £9bn support package.
The prime minister is under pressure to ditch or delay the policy over the squeeze on household finances.
If the pay rise does go ahead this year, MPs would see their salaries increase by 2.7 per cent from April.
There's been a "squeeze on spending for fun" 😬
Desperate times have called for desperate borrowing measures - or, these measures have become so common, they don’t seem so desperate anymore