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Scott Mitchell has accused the government of failing to deliver on "promises made to me and Barbara in 2019".
Yes, taking 40 winks after lunch could help future proof your brain and memory.
This non-profit online archive of digitised film reels is a streaming service for elderly people and those with dementia. Helping to trigger memories and conversations between generations, with around 2000 archive programmes, clips and newsreels.
Lynne’s dementia means she can’t understand Covid or social distancing – so this Christmas will be the first without her at home.
"She was properly sick and then she turned it on – that's the pro she was."
The charity John's Campaign has launched a legal challenge urging the government to let dementia patients see their families after months in isolation.
A newly-released trailer for the film features interviews with doctors and the late actor's wife, Susan Schneider Williams.
Scott Mitchell has said it “feels like a bereavement” after the EastEnders star left their home in mid-July.
Focusing on these factors could give doctors guidelines for preventing Alzheimer’s disease, researchers say.
Scott Mitchell has said a specialist told him to "prepare himself" that the EastEnders legend may need to move out of their home.
As rest homes close their doors, the patients in my father’s dementia ward are locked in their own version of reality, writes Laura Pitcher.
Care home residents can escape for a bit by travelling back in time – even the lamps are original.
I was never a perfect son, and he wasn’t a perfect father. But as dementia crumbles his mind, none of that matters. All that matters now is being present, writes Rob Kazandjian.
Inside I was a wreck. But I was determined to prove I could carry on and lead the life he would've wanted.
New findings on sports injuries reflect how as a society we are obsessed by dementia and in a panic about its impact on both individuals and the wider population, academic Dominic Malcolm writes.
Paralysed by toxic debate, the government has failed the nation on social care. It will take all of Westminster to find a solution, writes Lib Dem MP Vince Cable
Dame Barbara Windsor has thanked fans for signing her Dementia petition as she delivered it to Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Downing Street. Dementia is the biggest challenge to health and care services facing the UK according to the Alzheimer’s Society, with one million people expected to suffer from the disease by 2021.
The former EastEnders star shared a kiss with the PM after their conversation about the current limitations around dementia care.
The former EastEnders star was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in 2014.
Scientists said the blood test could "have an enormous impact" on the cost of the disease as well as the human suffering that goes with it.