UK Doctors

Burnout amongst young NHS doctors and nurses is at its highest because of the coronavirus pandemic.
It turns out being on the set of the daytime soap was no walk in the park.
Many medical pros felt that the research shamed female physicians who posted personal pictures on their social media accounts.
Dr Matthew Jones took photos of colleagues treating critically ill patients at a hospital in Middlesbrough during the coronavirus pandemic.
As the BBC's lunchtime medical soap celebrates its 20th anniversary, we remember some of the famous faces who've dropped by the Riverside Health Centre.
Skyrocketing coronavirus deaths and infections among doctors and nurses reveal stories of bravery, betrayal and a total lack of preparedness.
Production on Holby City, Casualty and Doctors has also been halted due to the Covid-19 outbreak.
From the availability of hospital beds, to staffing levels and worries about catching the virus – this is what frontline health workers are thinking about.
"We must be careful not to create a ‘digital divide’ between those patients who can afford it and those who can’t."
"The enormous demands being placed on doctors have come at a worrying price.”
Asked about emergency contraception, women talk of "the little room” – and the lectures that happen in it.
The sector fears shortages: of medicine, of staff, and of answers.
Londoners can now see an NHS GP within minutes on their phone – and the rest of the UK could follow.
Jobs associated with women include receptionists, cleaners and nursery teachers.
Taking antibiotics 'just in case' may have grave consequences, health officials warn.
Jeremy Liyonga Bompene, who has been charged with fraud for allegedly practising without a valid licence, was released after spending a week in custody.