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Women have been taking to the streets for hundreds of years in the fight for liberation and equality. From the Women’s March in Versailles in 1789, through the Suffragette and Women’s Liberation Movements, to the global Women’s Marches of 2017, we take a look back through history at the times women have marched for change.
That's despite the 2010 Equality Act making pregnancy discrimination illegal in the UK.
From record-breaking views to increased sponsorship, the women's game is finally getting the recognition it deserves.
The year started with the ripples of #Metoo growing stronger. As the movement left few industries untouched, women got angry, and demanded to be heard.
On 25 October 1968, the Race Relations Act was passed. It was the second in a family of three laws on race relations, that went on to change and shape Britain.
Discussing racism constantly through the prism of the past allows us to get complacent and think that’s the only place it exists
Kids from different ethnic backgrounds share the same aspirations – but not the same wage packets when they start work.