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"Checking in at the main office, we were greeted by a shirtless innkeeper. When he stepped out from behind the counter, I realised he was completely nude."
"I thought in 2023 that I had no interest in an all white show".
The actor previously said he believed coming out harmed his Hollywood career.
Paula Akpan, founder of Black Queer Travel Guide, on travelling the globe as a Black and queer person.
Nomadic Boys is a gay travel blog run by couple Stefan and Sebastien giving tips and information on the gay scene and where to stay all with a goal to inspire other LGBTQ travellers.
Scottish professional gay porn actor Marc McCaulay has been nominated for five adult entertainment ‘Prowler Awards’, which the MOD and the Air Force congratulated the reservist for in their internal magazine.
The This Morning presenter has been married to Stephanie Lowe for 27 years.
Maju Giorgi organised thousands of Brazilian mothers to protect children from homophobia.
It’s been five years since the first same-sex marriages took place in the UK. Legalised in England, Scotland and Wales in 2014, the UK is one of 26 countries today where same-sex marriage is recognised. But with same-sex relationships still illegal in over 70 countries around the world, the fight for equality continues.
Male Humboldt penguins Pringle and Ferrari married in an elaborate ceremony in the Cotswolds. The penguins, who work in showbiz, have been inseparable for years. Pringle and Ferrari have had numerous TV appearances, including the Jonathan Ross Show, Alan Carr’s Chatty Man and Our Zoo.