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French scholar and expert on contemporary Islam, Jean-Pierre Filiu, has a new book due to be published called 'The Arab Revolution - Ten Lessons From The Democratic Uprising'. The book, has the title suggests, draws ten important conclusions from the recent upheavals in the MENA region.
Islam is often seen as a problem in European states, particularly in The United Kingdom. In the past decades a new generation
A war on any noun is usually one doomed to failure; so far the war on terror is not proving to be the exception to the rule and probably the reason why the term has been dropped by the Obama administration. While those in the East suffer the most from the rise in Al-Qaeda inspired terrorism, those in the West are also constantly at risk. As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 looms closer perhaps it is a good time to reflect and evaluate the effectiveness of our approach in tackling this threat. Only with the Muslim community leading from the front will we defeat this scourge of global terror and replace hate with hope.
Much is going on in the world right now that it is almost impossible to make sense and meaning of reality. Are we to trust