UK parents voices

"He’d never seen my face. The first contact we’re having is right now, on the phone... and he says to me: 'Would you like to come live with us?'"
There’s nothing quite like telling everyone you’re expecting. Unless you find out someone else has got there first, writes Tracey Carr.
Childbirth was going as expected until suddenly I felt an explosion in my stomach.
Although I knew I would never hurt my children, the thoughts felt so vivid and all-encompassing, and I felt too scared to talk about them to anyone, writes Ndéla Faye
People may not expect you to return to work. And they won’t think anything of saying so.
The first time I used the television to distract my daughter, I felt like a bad parent; these days I believe the opposite to be true.
What if now that my kids are grown and living their own lives and I’m over 50, my mission is accomplished and I’m just retired?
If your idea of fun isn't the splash pad, we're probably not hanging out much.
I believe that forgoing children in the face of climate change is a chance for women to show strength, power and control.