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Karine Jean-Pierre is breaking boundaries as the new White House press secretary.
Veteran CBS journalist Lesley Stahl told a story about President Donald Trump that likely surprised few of her media colleagues at the Deadline Club Awards Dinner in New York on Monday evening.
This isn't good enough. The Fourth Estate is crucial in a democracy. We need one that works. It could start by refusing the return to sources that have demonstrably provided fake news. Although that might create a problem in finding government sources.
My interest in the piece quickly dwindled, however, and subsequently deflated like a punctured '30 today' balloon as I read the words 'avo on toast'. All of the women interviewed as source material were lean, mean, white, middle-class, London-dwelling machines. Not a single non-yuppie or 'regional' voice to be heard.
Election day 2017 saw a predictable barrage of propaganda headlines from Britain's predominantly right-wing press, pleading with readers to give queen Theresa the mandate she was demanding and administer a bloody good kicking to the socialist terrorist-hugging Corbyn.
Less than a week after tragic events on Westminster Bridge and within the Palace of Westminster the story of a police officer
What matters more: that an MP has five jobs outside Parliament or that an MP is editing London's top newspaper? George Osborne's appointment as Editor of the Evening Standard has led to an outcry on the first issue - but what about the second? Is that not a problem?
The point here is, today it is CNN. Tomorrow it will be NBC or the BBC or even Fox News who seem to not be in his favour at a particular time.
A former SABC manager told Parliament on Monday that security officials were asked to investigate a staff member for allegedly leaking information.
The SA cricket team manager says that's just not cricket. (Well, he didn't use those actual words but that's what he meant.)