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The Black Heart Foundation’s "Each Day. Every Day" campaign is the first beneficiary of #Merky's £10m pledge to tackle racial inequality.
Osaro Otobo thought she could bring a fresh perspective to Hull University's students' union. Instead she says she was subjected to racism.
Teens have captured their isolation experience with the 'Through Our Lens' photo project – and it's pretty powerful.
Shaun Weatherby, 26, had mumps last year and was unable to eat because of the swelling and pain. "It's definitely an experience I don’t want to have again," he says.
The sessions are intended to address “microaggressions”, such as being asked: “Why is black-face weird?”
Even if you want to end up at university, deferred entry and a year abroad is an option. But can you afford it?
It’s National Walk To School Week and we look at some of the most extreme and unusual journeys children around the world embark on to seek an education. From zip lines to rope bridges, these students face perilous commutes each day.
The number of students accessing mental health support at top universities increased by 76% between 2012 and 2018.