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For the first time in history, a plastic-collecting ‘seabin’ has been installed in British waters to help fight the growing
With our second baby on the way we looked closely, and very excitedly, at the shared parental leave situation, and set about doing our sums. Maybe I could take four months, and my partner take five, and we overlap in the middle? Maybe we could both be off for a chunk of time and make it work? Nope.
Imagine if you could provide all the electricity for entire planet, and all it would take is just one small part of the ocean
An innovative solution to an inconvenient truth.
A company has developed a hi-tech crossing that alerts drivers when a pedestrian walks into the road while using their mobile
Music has always been central to my life. From battle rapping in the playground, to signing a record deal or two, being on tour, then spending a few years as a publicist, I have always had a fascination for the industry and the mechanics of how an artist is discovered, nurtured and then released into the world...
You'll see plenty of children and young people at Fun Palaces this coming weekend - after all, we live in a society that tells us fun is only for kids - but hopefully you'll also see the grownups getting stuck in, learning, sharing, playing too. In Fun Palaces we believe that learning and play, creativity and community is for everyone, of every age, all the time.
The adorable, long-beaked kiwi bird is in great danger of extinction. There are only 50,000 kiwi birds left on our planet and the number is falling quickly - the small population has declined by 99% in the past 80 years alone.
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