Erik Roner may be one of the world's most extreme daredevils but that doesn't mean he can't sit back once in a while and
They really should let the 'Transformers' director helm more Pixar movies, you know...
The UK premiere of Pixar in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall brought an audience from all walks of life and those timeless scores to magical life, with a show combining stunning footage from all 13 Pixar films (which have all been written by just four composers!).
There are no greater magicians in the modern age than the storytellers of Pixar, but they should not carry it alone. No-one at Pixar would claim that digital animation is the only way. They all fell in love with hand-drawn and stop motion work as children, and those mediums deserve their place still. They too can delight the child.
The top ten films every child should watch before they turn nine 1/2 have been revealed. In research carried out for LoveFilm
Thought the premise of Up was a little far-fetched? Think again. Because an American petrol station owner and an Iraqi adventurer
In early 2012, the coalition will decide on whether Citizenship Education will be made non-statutory within the national curriculum. For those who don't know, Citizenship was designed to counter political apathy among young people and engage those at GCSE level on political systems and more importantly, how young people play their part in a modern day democracy.
From Beyonce's bumble bee, to Miranda Kerr's sexy circus ringmaster, we've had our fair share of impressive Halloween costumes
I finally got round to watching the last installment of Harry Potter at the weekend; a beautiful mix of new age CGI wizardry