Scuffles broke out between demonstrators and police at an anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown protest at London’s Trafalgar Square.
Results from the small trial provide evidence of both antibody and T-cell responses.
The president appears desperate for a coronavirus win as his mishandling of the pandemic drags down his re-election chances.
Nancy Pelosi says accusation goes "beyond the pale," even for Trump, "in terms of how he would jeopardize" Americans' health to serve his reelection.
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The director of the World Health Organization urged people to practice “the basics of public health" to stop outbreaks of Covid-19.
Government agreements are now in place for 250 million doses of potential vaccines.
Despite the announcement that the UK has secured coronavirus British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he could not promise there would be a successful vaccine against COVID-19 developed by the end of this year, saying "we're not there yet".
A clinical trial of the vaccine against Covid-19 found it induces an immune response.