Vanessa Feltz

It's been two decades since *that* incident involving chalk, a leopard print dressing gown and some rather fruity language.
The Big Brother house opened its doors to a bunch of celebrities for the first time 20 years ago.
Question Time's Fiona Bruce and Desert Island Discs host Lauren Laverne were featured for the first time.
From Jackie Stallone's entrance to Makosi's "pregnancy", get ready for a serious hit of reality TV nostalgia.
It looks like lockdown is bringing back memories of the CBB house for Vanessa.
Chris Evans was in second place, despite stepping down from the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show at the end of last year.
But the corporation's annual report reveals the change is mostly down to several men taking pay cuts, rather than women being paid more.
Sara Cox has already emerged as a frontrunner, but who else would be suitable?
It was probably an awkward morning in the office today.
Vanessa Feltz has been left red-faced after her radio presenting was slated in an email from a top BBC boss.  In a confidential
The writer sacked by The Sunday Times for a column slammed as anti-Semitic has said he made the remarks out of “respect for
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Vanessa Feltz has revealed rather unorthodox plans to scatter her ashes in an unexpected location. The radio presenter and
We have to remember those refugees are human beings like us, not cattle. They need our help, they have no homes, food, shelter. Regardless of religious or atheist beliefs - we have to help them it's a mandatory cause that should not even be questioned. Let's do the right thing.
There is not long at all to wait before a whole new host of famous people - or, at least, people who once slept with a footballer
In Ireland, news not involving Garth Brooks has ceased to exist... Vanessa Feltz told of the time Rolf Harris sexually assaulted her... Christian bakers refused to heed a customer request for a cake with Bert and Ernie icing advocating marriage equality...
Thanks for your contribution, Dave Gothard Describing the incident, Feltz said she noticed "a rustling" at the hem of her
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