Vanessa Feltz

"All I ever want is clarity and compassion," the presenter has insisted.
From Jackie Stallone's camp entrance to Nikki's legendary Diary Room moments, get ready for a serious hit of nostalgia ahead of BBUK's return.
A recent shake-up of Radio 2's schedule means Jeremy is now the station's longest-serving daytime host.
The broadcaster and her partner of 16 years parted ways earlier this year.
She also spoke out in support of Holly Willoughby following Phillip Schofield's exit last month.
“I had no idea the level of disruption audiences were causing and tried to make light of the topic... and for that I’m truly sorry," the This Morning presenter said.
On Friday, two disruptive audience members were thrown out of the Manchester production of The Bodyguard musical for singing loudly.
"Bad manners, lack of gratitude, lack of respect," Vanessa said of her former employer.
“I cheated because I was insecure," the Phats And Small singer has said in a new interview.
"I want to celebrate and I want to find laughter anywhere I can," the former Radio 2 host told her followers.