Divers are continuing the search for missing passengers around the wreck of a boat that was destroyed by a fire in the early hours of Monday off the coast of California. Emergency personnel have so far recovered 25 bodies. The scuba diving vessel Conception was on a three-day excursion and was moored off the coast of Santa Cruz Island when the blaze started. Five crew members were able to escape.
Just over a year ago you will have seen a photograph of the lifeless body of Alan Kurdi on an Aegean beach. It was said that the photograph "shook the world", but more than 3,000 more people have died, or are missing, in the Mediterranean this year alone. We, and our politicians, might disagree about many things but we should all agree that the senseless death of children - on any scale - is not something that we can ignore.
Relatives and colleagues of four Britons who went missing when a yacht capsized in the mid-Atlantic Ocean have called for
Attempts are underway to remove more than 40,000 litres of fuel from a stricken cargo ship which ran aground in rough seas
The coastguard has confirmed that one body has been recovered after a cargo vessel sank in the Irish Sea. Earlier, two seamen
China has begun sea trials of its latest piece of military hardware, a refitted Soviet aircraft carrier that has the potential