The Vietnam War is, of course, in retrospect seen as a PR disaster for US power: the spectacle that eventually emerged of the world's greatest military force applying its full weight and technological prowess against peasants and the very land on which they lived was an ugly one.
As Arsenal players recover from their season's nailbiting finale, the club's shareholders find themselves embroiled in a burgeoning scandal over their links to one of Asia's most notorious companies.
This video gives the phrase “living on the edge” new meaning – as a train squeaks tightly through a Vietnamese neighbourhood
Today the illegal wildlife trade is worth in excess of $10 billion annually and the surging demand for ivory from the rapidly growing economies of China, Vietnam and Thailand resulted in over 40,000 elephants being killed in Africa in 2012, or one every 15 minutes.
Press coverage and debate leading up to the funeral of Baroness Thatcher led me to reflect on a recent journey through Vietnam. When you travel you can't help but compare. I spent many hours talking with Vietnamese from all walks of life and quickly realised that in this emerging nation is a pride and strength in being Vietnamese.
Here's a question for you... Would you spend 17.5 hourrs on an overnight train? There are couple of other things you might want to factor in.
Flashback to sitting on a cheap plastic stool no more than a foot high, next to a dusty main road, being handed a portion of unidentifiable food in a bowl that had probably never before seen washing up liquid. And fondly remembering this as one of the most memorable moments of my recent trip to Vietnam.
The statistics on the human trafficking in Vietnam vary hugely and official information is limited. The Vietnam Ministry of Public Security offer the official figure of 2,935 Vietnamese victims of human trafficking between 2004 and 2009, while Hagar International claim the considerably larger total of over 400,000 victims since 1990.
A mortar shell left from the Vietnam War has exploded in a southern village, killing four children and seriously injuring
A new boutique hotel brand, which aims to offer travellers the best of authentic Asian accommodation, launched this month