violence against women and girls

Boris Johnson's frontbenchers call Labour shadow ministers "not appropriate" as they speak out in Commons over violence against women.
Home secretary says people holding “ACAB” signs will be “subject to consideration” in response to the controversial handling of the event.
Lambeth Anti-Harassment Campaign spent months trying to meet their local councillors to talk about street safety before Sarah Everard's disappearance.
“The government is listening,” the home secretary has said as she reopens a call for evidence of everyday violence.
According to the report, millions of women and girls in the world's poorest countries have been raped, denied access to safe abortions, and forced to have multiple pregnancies by their intimate partners over the past five years. This means they do not have control over their body and fertility.
As the world marks the UN's International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, I stand with millions of men and women around the world to say NO to violence! We will not accept that violence is a part of culture. We reject any suggestions that women and girls are mere possessions to be used and abused.
Good reporting on VAWG is that which really strives to push and challenge, to understand and get to the root of the issue whilst also respecting the voices of both survivors and experts.
To the outside world, because they do not immediately dash for the door, women trapped by their abusive partners may seem submissive. In fact, they are resisting - they adopt survival techniques and actively find ways of coping. An abused woman fights, relentlessly, to keep herself and her children safe.
The EU's determination to tackle international violence against women and girls has led to measures such as the anti-trafficking directive. Without the obligation to implement that, as EU members, the UK would not be so advanced in our fight against modern slavery and sexual exploitation.
Their courage certainly gives me hope, and it should also give hope to those women who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse. This International Women's Day, please know that Refuge is here to help you, and that it is possible to live a life free from violence and fear.