Violent crime

Home secretary accused of ignoring 'elephant in the room'.
Home Secretary admitted she had not met families of the victims of the wave of violence this year.
More than 700 rape suspects were released under investigation in three months.
The Tory-led Government's complacency on crime is misplaced while crime is still too high and costs us all too much. By focusing on prevention we can cut the number of victims, cut crime, and cut the overall cost to the country as well.
Why is the rate of violent crime decreasing? Professor Steven Pinker, author of The Better Angels of Our Nature, led a fascinating
A man who was killed on his way to work in the early hours was attacked by robbers who used an "extreme and sickening level
Serious youth crime is shocking because it clearly represents the squandering of life and potential not just for the victim but for the perpetrator. How can someone so young, with so much life to lead, carry out acts that are so cruel, and so reckless? It is a painfully clear indication that something in the environment in which that young life has been nurtured has gone terribly wrong.
More than 10,000 people who committed a serious violent crime, including domestic abuse, were "let off" if they apologised
It is home to Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and a recently sold £250m property - but Westminster has more violent