The second presidential debate appeared to be delayed after the president dropped out of the Commission on Presidential Debates’ virtual event.
Technology ain't what it used to be, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence have dominated the tech landscapes in recent years and as these technologies become more commonplace, consumers from across the spectrum are beginning to see the benefits they can offer
These results seem to indicate that the idea of professional, one-on-one styling is all but dead. While it might have been an innovative and exciting concept when it was first introduced, the expectations and needs of consumers have evolved in accordance with the digital age we live in and traditional personal shopping has simply failed to keep up with the times.
Recently, we undertook research looking at the mobile app habits of UK consumers. Overall the results showed that we're a fickle bunch. We have favourite apps and we like to stick with them. Getting into this list is tough, but that doesn't stop us flirting with alternatives..
When Boris bamboozled us over the tannoy with predictions of Olympic meltdown at London Bridge (our local tube station), we thought this could be a time to find out the answers. It was time to go off-piste, but stay on-grid.
According to research by Michigan State University, exercising with a ‘virtual partner’ can double the length of your fitness