A “horrendous catalogue of staff neglect” in British laboratories has been revealed in a government report detailing cases
The increase in experiments has made a 'mockery' of the government, campaigners say.
A 7% rise in animal experiments makes a “mockery” of the government’s pledge to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals
Thousands of animals could be saved from undergoing medical procedures in veterinary training schools worldwide, thanks to
Mention animal testing, and it's likely you'll be met with a barrage of very strong opinions on either side, from those who
Ten years ago today, on a cold Saturday morning in Oxford, I was standing in Oxford city centre watching hundreds of people congregate to rally - not against - but in favour of constructing a new animal research laboratory at the University of Oxford.
Anti-vivisectionists have lambasted the "cruel" and "flawed" creation of the world's first ever autistic monkeys. Scientists