vote remain

People on both sides of the Brexit debate have marched to make their opinions clear to the Government. We went to hear what they had to say.
What are you smoking...? Recently I've read Alan MacDonald's post on "The Dark Side Of Brexit". After the initial confusion
WRONG WAY, GO BACK. I walk underneath this sign every day. Every day, on my way to work in marketing and communications for a charity, I look at this sign.
The idea that people are now feeling empowered by this vote to scream at people like me in the face, telling me to go home when this is the only home I know, is too much to process. Until now, I've never thought I needed to be afraid.
Brexit has divided the nation. Parents and children unable to sit around the dinner table, Boris and Dave unable to share
Someone save us from the passive aggressiveness.
via GIPHY 4. 99% of statuses go from being one-line long, to five paragraphs of in-depth political analysis. via GIPHY 6
In a letter to the editor of The Times, Mike Whittle said that he too regretted his decision and had voted leave as a protest