Voting Rights

The Duchess of Sussex said "we will make the difference in this election" at an event called “When All Women Vote”.
Trials could lead to all voters being forced to show their papers at the ballot box – but why would we spend £20million per election on making it harder for millions to vote?
Some ten million contributors to society, from fruit pickers to nurses and teachers to builders, are barred from having a say on what happens in Westminster – the #LetUsVote campaign would put this right
The case against has run out of steam. There is nowhere left to hide. There are no more plausible reasons to withhold democracy from a group of people who are, simply, entitled to it.
Just hearing the word 'election' again might be enough to make you shudder, especially if you're a UK voter. Or US citizen. But this week Kenya faces a close-run Presidential Election which could have a broader impact on us all.
To build a healthy democracy we need young people to be engaged and to feel valued. We also want out political system to recognise the abilities of young people, which is why votes at 16 is so important.
I'm making this decision with a heavy heart. Whether I will regret it, time will tell. But I have to sleep at night.
Not sure how things work in the voting booth? Don't worry, the kids have you covered.
The director of the Centre for Development and Enterprise says they will not be party to the undermining of the media.
So whilst we wait to witness the clear up of the mess that is 2016 and ask ourselves if all this stuff really happened, let's not forget to remind our children, democracy is good and that their one vote is always better than no vote at all.