vulnerable children

Your home is your private place for recuperation, your sanctuary to retreat to, a safe self-made fairy-light ridden haven
I was woken on the morning of the Grenfell Tower fire by text alerts. My friends who lived there had escaped from their fifth
For the last 15 years we have heard a consistent message from successive governments: no child should be left behind. Whether the slogan has been 'every child matters' or 'narrowing the gap', the intention has been the same: to improve outcomes for the most disadvantaged children. Despite there being some improvements for children, one group stands out as being almost impervious to these efforts: looked-after children.
Children as young as seven have described their regular encounters with police, as a report finds "unacceptable inconsistencies
The keys to our success are our amazing foster carers. They do a fantastic job providing the love, care and support needed by children and young people who have too often had a very tough life. The stability those foster carers provide can make a huge difference to the futures of the children they support, in so many ways: in education, health, career, family life.
Young people armed with budgeting skills and the knowledge necessary to manage money have a greater chance of finding and holding down a job. We know that people who are in control of their lives and finances are more resilient, more able to find and keep a job, and more likely to create a stable home.
Childhood is short. And maybe like me, you remember longing to be grown up because of the freedom and adventure we perceived adulthood brings. But for some of our most vulnerable young people, adulthood is thrust upon them too soon.
It is often forgotten that the Shakespeare quote "Let's kill all the lawyers" was not a literal message but a suggestion
We want to work with the government to support this vulnerable section of our society. It's only through cooperation that we can halt the cycle of intergenerational offending and improve the future for these children. This is an issue that has been cast into the shadows for too long. It's time we brought it into the light.