War Crimes

But she'll be tried as a juvenile because she was under 21 when she worked as a secretary at Stutthof, officials said.
President Donald Trump's pardons include military contractors who killed children, law enforcement officers who violated civil rights and, of course, his allies.
Defence Secretary Mark Esper said America would "follow the laws of armed conflict" if tensions with Iran escalate following death of Qassem Soleimani.
From Syria to the Rohingya Muslim crisis, it's been a year defined by conflict.
It is easy and convenient to accept people like General Mladić are evil monsters and that their violence cannot be committed by normal, ordinary people
The tide can turn ― and one day, today’s war criminals may also find themselves facing justice
There was ever going to be only one verdict for General Mladić, the former commander of the Bosnian Serb army, at the UN
Sometimes, the bad guys do get caught. And sometimes, the bad guys do get kicked out. Not often enough, admittedly, and usually
UNITED NATIONS — For the first time, the United Nations has launched an international investigation into the crimes of the
While the High Court's decision is effectively the, somewhat perfunctory, end to the attempted prosecution of Mr. Blair for aggression, it does not necessarily eliminate the possibility of other legal action in respect of the invasion of Iraq or indeed in respect of future acts of aggression which may be committed by a British head of state.