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Japanese Twitter users reacted to movie memes with reminders of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The Harry Potter author was threatened on Twitter after reacting to the novelist's recent stabbing.
The DC film, which was set to feature Hollywood stars Michael Keaton, Brendan Fraser and JK Simmons, was filmed in Glasgow.
Many have taken issue with the fact Anne Hathaway's villainous character has only three fingers on each hand.
It follows an investigation in which former employees made allegations of racism, unfair dismissal and intimidation.
Actor Joaquin Phoenix recently walked out of an interview when posed with a question about whether the film could inspire similar incidents in the real world.
CW show Supergirl just made TV history by casting the first ever TV trans superhero. Actress and activist Nicole Maines will play Nia Nal (aka. Dreamer) in the upcoming fourth season.