Warwick Davis

People often ask me what it's like to live with a genetic disorder, which is a difficult question to answer because I have no point of reference as to what 'normal' is, what it's like to live without a genetic disorder. I am me, and this is all I've ever known. I could talk about the pain, the surgeries, the complications and the difficulties but that's not my style. All those things, along with my genes, make me who I am. They determine my personality, my attitude to life, my resilience in the face of adversity.
His plea was soon picked up by other celebrities including Radio X presenter Chris Moyles. Davis has appeared in huge Hollywood
The more people try not to speak about someone's disability or difference, the more they'll end up stumbling - and it's very obvious to that person what's going on. And they won't be offended! I don't mind somebody acknowledging my height or talking about dwarfism. To be honest, if they're curious or inquisitive, I'd rather we did chat about it.
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