Glastonbury Festival has opened female-only urinals with “Shewees”, free environmentally friendly sanitary products and hooks for bags. The charity WaterAid created the project at the festival.
"One of the toughest decisions he will have ever made."
A further three billion are wasted through pipe leakages, daily.
I’m calling time on this bizarre annual tradition of punishment
Creating a world where clean water and decent toilets will be normal for everyone, everywhere by 2030
  As I look back on this year, and reflect upon what’s before us in 2018, I find myself thinking of a number which at first
When people are motivated and driven, progress can be made at lightning speed. Forty-three years ago, Martin Cooper made
844 million people do not have clean water within reasonable walking distance. This is nearly impossible to believe in 2017, and illustrates the great challenge before world leaders if they are to fulfil the promise of the UN's Global Goals on sustainable development, including delivering water and sanitation to all by 2030.
I spent a week in Kenema government hospital and witnessed five births in total. None of the babies survived. My heart ached with pain for the mum's and midwives who had to endure this suffering. But this was and is the daily reality of life in Kenema government hospital, and it's a story repeated across Sierra Leone. You only have to travel to a cemetery to see the rows and rows of tiny graves which fill the graveyard.