Many are worried they may not make it home in time to vote.
Severe delays caused by torrential rain has brought London to a standstill as commuters worry they may not get home in time
Commuters in and out of London endured travel misery on Friday after an array of problems struck the transport system. Disruptions
There is an old legend relating to the end of the battle of Waterloo, which passed its bicentennial anniversary last week
A planned Euro coin commemorating the Battle of Waterloo has been withdrawn after the French objected to it, saying it was
So where is this sense when it comes to directions? It turns out that this sense, or lack thereof, seems to be latent in grid cells in my brain. Last summer, neuroscientist Joshua Jacobs, of Drexel University, along with his colleagues, tested fourteen people who had electrodes implanted in their brain for epilepsy therapy, and learned that humans have similar 'direction cells' as animals.
Last Wednesday, a grotesque large-scale picture of Margaret Thatcher appeared. Coloured purple with blank eyes, skulls for earrings and a thread of drool leaking from the mouth, it stood three metres tall against a background of flames. Next to it, in huge, carefully scripted letters, were the words "ROT IN HELL!! MAGGIE".
The view to the Olympic Stadium and Orbit tower was rather hazy, but shows an area that has changed more than anywhere. Behind
Anyone who entertains a complex based on the idea that computers will become self-aware and start taking over the world has undoubtedly been labeled neurotic in days gone by... But it seems that the more paranoid segment of the population have finally solidified evidence for their doubt.
The Bakerloo Line was rumoured to have been built to service the needs of a few London businessmen who needed to get to Lord's