We Day

From homelessness and knife crime, to unemployment and climate change, today's young people are affected by the social challenges they see around them. These issues are impacted in turn by political decisions made in Westminster - so it is important to discuss whether young people under 18 should have democratic input into the political future of their country.
I have never really been a very charitable person apart from the usual; sponsoring friends, completing lengthy swims for Cancer Research and Comic Relief & Children in Need donations etc. So when I had to fill in an application form at AOL UK to be part of a volunteer trip with Free the Children charity in Kenya, I was a bit thin on the evidence to make my case as to why I should be picked.
I find it hard to believe that today around half the food we produce is thrown away, while people like Mapangano are hungry. I think this is unfair and we need to solve this. Young people have the ambition, creativity and energy to find a solution but we need to talk and we need to work together.
Mike Brandon was given just 60 days to find a bone marrow transplant. If he didn't, his leukaemia - cancer of white blood
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Sir Richard Branson has revealed he's actually grateful he has the condition dyslexia. Branson was talking to his daughter
The UK's first ever 'We Day' celebrations are well under way in London today. Stars like Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Hudson
"For those of you expecting Harry Styles, I apologise and no, I'm not going to sing." Prince Harry won rapturous applause
Stars including Ellie Goulding, Dizzee Rascall and Jennifer Hudson are already beginning to arrive for today's #WeDay at
Prince Harry, Ellie Goulding, Dizzee Rascal and Sir Richard Branson are leading the all-star cast at Wembley Arena today