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Some wearable tech is pretty new and innovative. But the idea itself? Nope. This picture proves that wearable technology
But could anyone really fall in love with a piece of software? It may sound like the stuff of science fiction but, the truth is, much of the technology the film depicts is already with us. And scenarios like this might not be that far off. 'Love' is perhaps a metaphor for the kind of dependency or symbiosis we're heading towards.
This rather nifty little ring is promising to revolutionise the way in which you control all of your devices. The Fin is
For example, Samsung has already produced, and Apple is about to produce, smart watches that can be connected to your phone. And smart glasses like in Sherlock are also on the way. I am not entirely certain why this technology is necessary, but I am sure we are moving closer and closer towards the time when smart phones will have proven themselves obsolete.
Wearable tech is hot on the lips of every attendee at the 2014 CES, which is underway in Las Vegas. But with smartwatches having so far failed to capture our imaginations, manufacturers could have their work cut out to convince us we should be wearing our gadgets, rather than holding them.
Computers used to be massive. Now, they are less so. But if you're still feeling the drag of carrying around a laptop or
Sony have filed a patent for a 'SmartWig'. That's right, a 'SmartWig'. Why you ask? No idea. It's full of features (check
Do you feel... disconnected from your car? Do you wish somehow you could feel closer to it? Even when you're not in it? Well
Wearable computing has undoubtedly been one of the hottest topics in the tech industry - and increasingly in the mainstream - for the last few months. Ever since Google Glass was announced earlier this year, many of us at F5 have been hankering to get our hands on a pair.