wedding photos

These are just some that made the cut from many others submitted.
Move over, newlyweds. These little tykes are bringing the heat. 😊
These images are on another level.
They say every picture tells a story, and that’s certainly true of these award-winning wedding photos. Fearless Photographers
In 2014, I boldly did what most grooms should not dare to attempt - I photographed my own wedding. In fact, I did it twice! Let's just say the pressure was immense given that I needed to please my bride and our families in getting great photos of our special day!
The best way to love yourself in your wedding pictures is to love yourself full stop, and look at the bigger picture. Have THE BEST time at your wedding. Enjoy every minute. Smile. It's as simple as that. Let go of your expectations, forget about perfection and BE HAPPY.