Welsh Assembly

Differing tactics from the union's four nations could fracture trust in coming months, experts fear.
Opponents call for Vaughan Gething to resign after he was heard asking "what the f*** is wrong" with a colleague – while still being broadcast.
This Wednesday, 11th October, is National Coming Out Day, a date popularised in the USA but frequently marked here in the UK too. People use it as an opportunity to come out for the first time, to share their coming out story, or just to promote being out and being part of the LGBT community. But why do we still need to come out? It's 2017. Aren't we done with all that?
The heavens opened that night and I got thoroughly soaked as I walked the mile home at dawn but I didn't care. We had done it, and even though Cardiff had voted no overall, our campaign had brought out enough yes voters in the Capital city to play our part in the narrowest of victories.
Try to remember the name Mark Reckless. Not for any profound political reason, but because in years to come those words will be the answer to the pub quiz question: "Who was the second Tory to defect to Ukip in 2014?" That's the only reason to remember him - the only reason to even keep those two words in your brain. After all, why else take the time to remember just another politician willing to go back on their principles so they can stay in public office?
Just weeks after taking office, Carwyn Jones outlined a bold philosophy for government - describing education and skills as the key to Wales' success, and promising to strengthen the Welsh education system. Fast forward seven years, and it's clear that it hasn't gone to plan.
'May you live in interesting times' goes the old Chinese curse. And few could deny that we do: Brexit, a party system in
Nigel Farage tried to impose his own list of “cronies” on Ukip for the May elections in an attempt to block the disgraced
In Britain, we have a serious, growing problem with the health of our democracy. Yet policy-makers have systematically failed to look beyond our shores and undertake even a basic search for the available solutions to our problems.
With the Wales Bill making its way through Westminster, the ERS are laying down a challenge for parties to get behind proposals for revitalising democracy in Wales, with the launch of 'Breathing New Life into Politics'. It's the first of three manifestos being published ahead of May's Assembly elections.