wes streeting

Brendan Clarke-Smith faced a jibe from Labour's Wes Streeting on BBC Question Time.
He quoted American rapper Dr. Dre at the new health secretary in the House of Commons.
"They say they've unearthed evidence of you avoiding hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax before you got into politics, did you?"
Wes Streeting brushed off the latest "beergate" developments, mockingly describing the headlines as: "Breaking news: Keir Starmer has dinner."
Keir Starmer has since withdrawn his comment from Wednesday's PMQs.
Suella Braverman claimed the government has "a track record which I'm proud of" when it comes to welcoming refugees.
'Cash for access' accusations after super-rich donors given places on a secret advisory board.
Rishi Sunak has been accused of going "missing in action" after it emerged he was in California rather than at his Treasury desk in London.
One Tory MP accused Boris Johnson of using a "diversionary tactic" while Lindsay Hoyle said he did not want to "fall out" with the prime minister.
“It’s a total disgrace and George you really should apologise, not just to the audience, but to the public at large."