West Africa

I’ve never disagreed with people when they say it’s a real-life Wakanda because in a way it really is, it is a version of Wakanda in so many words
Several of southern Africa’s largest baobab trees have suddenly and unexpectedly died. Scientists fear climate change is the culprit.
We are all at risk of forgetting one of the world’s most complex and urgent humanitarian crises
Universal Children’s Day is about standing up for children like Abu
He also praised Africa’s nonexistent nation of Nambia.
In pursuit of their endless grip on power, dictators -– not only African -– employ brutal methods to deal with opposition.
For many thousands of people, Ebola isn't over. It was a trigger that has sparked so many other issues - homelessness, unemployment, poverty - that will be felt in Sierra Leone for years to come unless its people receive ongoing support to get back on their feet. Without help to rebuild their businesses and get their children back into schools, many more people to come will fall victim to the Ebola crisis.
Chad's Prime Minister Albert Pahimi Padacke has declared the border region a "zone of military operation".