The former president’s claims shine a clear light on the misinformation now flowing between conservative fossil-fuel aligned groups, right-wing media and GOP lawmakers.
Scientists found humpback whales appreciate a good exfoliation as much as the rest of us.
About 500 pilot whales became beached on a sandbar in what is the largest mass stranding in Australia's history.
A whale filmed playing with a rugby ball is Hvaldimir, the beluga in Norway some speculate escaped from the Russian military.
“Dinner is served,” a researcher said as dozens of octopuses and fish munched on the carcass.
Beachgoers battled to help a pod of pilot whales refloat back into the sea, after coming too close to the shore in the US state of Georgia. Rescuers were able to push six back into deeper waters, but three died.
Scientists and volunteers on the west coast of the US are asking private beach owners to lend their land - so grey whales can decompose there. With a large amount having washed ashore so far this year, experts are calling it an “unusual mortality event”.
Japan has restarted commercial whaling for the first time in 31 years. It is the first commercial hunt since 1988, after commercial whaling was banned by the International Whaling Commission. It still killed several hundred whales each year through a loophole allowing “scientific” whaling expeditions in the Antarctic Ocean. The catch quota for the end of this year is set at 227 whales.