When Harry Met Sally

It’s arguably the scene that made the film the legend it is today. More than 25 years ago, Meg Ryan re-enacted a shuddering
What sort of stories could filmmakers tell if love was just plain sailing? Certainly cinema romance is more intriguing when
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To celebrate National Orgasm Day, we thought we'd dive into the annals for one of the big screen's most notorious moments
The New York restaurant Katz's Delicatessan was the location for the famous scene in 'When Harry Met Sally...' in which Meg
Pistol Shrimps are back! Yes, after this wonderful imagining of Batman in other films, the team have returned and placed
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The world needs strong women who make no apologies for who they are and for what they believe. Nora Ephron is up there as a forthright woman, dedicated to making a difference and staying true to her beliefs.
In the 1930s, '40s and '50s, romantic comedies crackled with sparkling characters and whip-smart dialogue. Think Claudette
Pillow Talk, the Academy Award-winning rom-com, is being released on Blu-Ray Digibook on 11 May. A Limited Edition Collector's