White paper

Putting an even bigger portion of the economy in the hands of the Home Office will spell disaster for Britain, wrecking our public services and weakening our economy
New Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab presented the government’s white paper on Brexit to the Commons, which houses details on free movement, trade and how Brexit is proposed to actually work.
With so much at stake and so much already invested in security systems to then allow cybercriminals a way into the organization that's completely beyond the IT department's control is the business equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.
We're done quibbling over the 'will of the people'; the goal now has to be fostering an engaged, active citizenry that can itself support and challenge Parliament and government.
The government's long-awaited white paper on housing - due to be published shortly - is widely expected to feature measures to promote downsizing by older homeowners. The proposals are predicted to include exemptions on stamp duty for older people moving to smaller properties, thereby freeing up larger homes for younger families as part of the answer to the housing crisis.
To scrutinise or not to scrutinise, that is the question. Should the Government have to publish a White Paper setting out
This attack on teachers is also an attack on the entitlement of all children and young people to be taught by a qualified teacher and the right of parents to have that expectation when they send their child to school. The NASUWT will be challenging these proposals vigorously.
I have a great respect for the down-to-earth common sense of the people of Scotland and trust that on 18 September they will see through this fog of corny and misinformed SNP propaganda that has been kicked around since the 1930s and vote no to uncertainty.
Alex Salmond's long-awaited white paper on Scottish independence has appeared, rounding off the last full year Scots have before the referendum that will decide our constitutional future. And what an underwhelming document it is.
What is wrong with our health service that such a radical overhaul is needed? Is it that broke? News another seriously ill patient has been transferred from a private to a public hospital for treatment says something about standards of care in the NHS.
Hollywood and television commercials present countless images of old age as a time when contented, silver-haired individuals kick back after a life of work and raising families. The reality, however, is often very different and why, in truth, many people are a little scared of growing old.
As we mark Carers Week, it is worth recalling that the word "carer" applies to two groups of people.
George Osborne tonight warned of dire consequences if Greece leaves the eurozone without an "ambitious" plan to deal with
We've recently seen a series of u-turns from the chancellor on Budget measures including the controversial pasty, caravan and charities taxes. George Osborne says he is now focused on the biggest things that matter to the economy. Ahead of his annual Mansion House speech and the expected publication of the White Paper on the Banking Reform Bill on 14 June, we are calling on the government to stand firm on its banking reform commitments. Consumers should never again have to foot the bill for a banking collapse that required a bailout to the tune of £2000 for every man, woman and child. Without strong action that shakes up the culture of British banking, we will all continue to pay the price.
Theresa May's plans to replace anti-social behaviour orders (Asbos) will just repeat the old failings, creating a back door
World class research with a real world impact should be funded regardless of the institution and there is a danger that the government will choose to direct too great a level of funding at the research-intensive institutions.
In this year's Hansard Society audit of political engagement, only 30 per cent of those surveyed agreed that they can change the way the UK is run by getting involved in politics at a national level.
The long-delayed Open Public Services White Paper finally appeared on Monday July 11th, but hardly anyone noticed. Why is a comprehensive policy framework needed?
The long delayed government White Paper "Open Public Services" finally arrived, although few noticed as it was drowned out by the sound of Rupert Murdoch's empire collapsing.