The People’s Fund of Maui will put “money directly in the pockets of those who were affected by the recent wildfires,” the duo announced.
The death toll from the devastating fire in Lahaina stands at 99 as search teams continue to carefully search the razed centuries-old town.
Residents of the popular town of Lahaina described the aftermath of the fires as a "war zone."
At least six people have been killed and many more injured as homes and businesses in a historic tourist town were destroyed.
An intense global heatwave has caused blazed to break out across multiple countries at once.
Downing Street is urging holidaymakers to stay in touch with their tour operators and the local authorities.
Personalities on the conservative network mocked the dangerous haze.
The Killing Eve actor told audiences at Prima Facie she couldn't breathe, before stopping the play just 10 minutes in.
Smoke from a fire can have a dangerous impact on your physical and mental health, even from thousands of miles away.