Kids whose families believe they are possessed are at risk of abuse – and safeguarding figures only show the tip of the iceberg, say experts.
The rare protection marks derive from the Greek word apotrepein, meaning 'to turn away.'
Evidence of 'witchcraft' included cow tongues bound in wire.
Hundreds of child abuse cases in the UK are linked to faith and belief – and experts say they are only the tip of the iceberg
"We have travelled a long journey together and why kill today?"
Lento yobugqi nenwele iye ibhide nabantu abathi banolwazi oluphangaleleyo ngalomba, kwaye amandla obugqi ahluka-hlukene.
Image courtesy @Olumencia via harrypotterwikia.com, Public Domain Now life is imitating art, as witches in the Muggle world
A starving child who was abandoned by his family amid suspicions of witchcraft has been pictured on his first day of school
Is this one of the most bizarre incidents on a football field this year? Yes, it very much is.