Former PM had 'personal, political and psychological dominance' over his ministers
Tony Blair’s case for war in Iraq went “beyond the facts” in a way that caused long-term damage to public trust in politics
Still living with the devastating consequences of the doomed Iraq invasion, this country has been thrust into yet another cataclysmic, life altering upheaval. With the same hallmarks of group-think and remorseless psychopathy, I wonder how much more chaos and reckless abandon, this weary world can take.
Eight months before invasion: 'I will be with you, whatever'
Tony Blair promised George W Bush that "I will be with you, whatever" on the invasion of Iraq, new evidence published by
Trials and tribulations often expose the real mettle and character of people. This last week, we have seen how Corbyn has stood firm against a sea of opposition, unrelenting, on his democratic principles. Take heed, revolting MPs - your opposition to him is drawing not only public ire upon yourself, but public approbation and support for him.
The Tory war over Europe has exploded dramatically once more after a Cabinet minister attacked a Government study of “Brexit
At the moment we have been told that we need these weapons and that's all, no discussion, no options, no consideration of what we do if there is a proliferation of states increasing their nuclear capabilities, no discussion of the harm they could cause in accidents and no alternative opinions taken seriously.
Without a similar cause, how can the rest of the UK's broad left transcend its differences and make a break from politics as usual? Interestingly that moment and that opportunity is now upon us.
More than 700 foreign students have been banned from studying in the UK over fears they may use the knowledge they learn