Women in government

Men's indiscretions are overlooked but when a woman in politics doesn't follow the rules, it's the talk of the town, Women in Westminster co-founder Tara O'Reilly writes.
Despite the number of women candidates rising at almost every general election since 1966, the numbers remain painfully low when it comes to party selection, 50:50 Parliament Campaign spokesperson Katy Roxburgh writes.
Green Party MP apologises and says she should have "reached out further and thought more deeply".
Trump shows we are only ever a small step away from going from electing a black president, to crowds baying to send an American 'back' because she happens to be black, Diane Abbott writes.
What exactly happened this weekend – and how did some Tory MPs react?
A young man can be an accused rapist and still be appointed to the nation’s highest honours. A young woman dancing can be used as proof that she is unfit for office
The most recent gender pay gap data shows few good results and some truly shocking ones