Women in Music

Forbes has released its annual highest-paid women in music list. Katy Perry topped the list from her international tour sales and salary from American Idol. She’s followed closely by Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Pink and Lady Gaga.
I hope that we can now come together as an industry and ask 'how can we address this?'. If we are to have a truly thriving music industry, we need to promote brilliant people from every gender, race and background, and that can't happen until harassment and sexism are properly dealt with. It's time to break the pattern.
I don't talk often about my experiences of balancing a career in the music industry with being a parent - it is something I, alongside thousands of others, just get on and do. But my start to parenthood was perhaps tougher than many - my partner left me whilst I was pregnant and my twins were born two months premature.
Nina Simone said, 'how can you be an artist and not reflect the times?' To me, that implies one has to be engaging with their place in the world and be able to identify what is truly distinct about it in order to make their work resonate at a unique frequency that ripples out far enough to touch others. For my artistic journey, the light bulb switched on when I reconnected with my womanhood at the age of 35, one that I felt I had lost at only eight years old.
AIM's annual independent label conference Indie-Con is coming round on 1st February and whilst our events have always been
I've just returned from Iceland Airwaves, an international music festival and industry meeting point I've long wanted to
If all of this energy, wisdom and news about independent initiatives came from one room of people at a conference on a Friday afternoon, imagine what could be achieved if we could multiply this and connect it to every level of the industry and to those who make decisions nationally and internationally about funding and policy development.
We formed deux furieuses in 2013 because we were angry on a personal level, on a career level and on a wider political level. We decided to self finance and release an album of songs about the things in the world which really angered us as we were not hearing this from other musicians at the time and the music itself did not seem enough anymore.
This month hasn't just been one day of International Women's Day activity; there have been events every single day. In the