Women In Politics

Although I question many of his archaic statements in the past, I do not believe Australia's new PM chose to represent only one woman in his cabinet based on misogynistic tendencies. I believe playing into that is counterproductive to the real issue at hand.
Women still know less about politics than men despite progress in sexual equality, especially in Britain, academics have
Thatcher is often described as a role model inspiration for women leaders. It is true to say that as the first woman prime minister she achieved high office and recognition never afforded to a woman before. However, as a woman leader myself - can I truly see her as a role model?
We are often told that the UK lags behind other countries when it comes to the number of women in senior roles: as Members of Parliament, on company boards, or otherwise visible in public life. I have a feeling that at least some of this phenomenon is directly attributable to Mrs Thatcher herself.
Power's action on the brain has many similarities to drugs like cocaine, and can cause similar changes to the brain, including, in extreme cases, a sort of addiction to power. Margaret Thatcher found it exceedingly difficult to live without this drug and harbored a bitter and unforgiving resentment against the colleagues who brought her down until dementia came over her.
What worries me most about Thatcher's death is not the Bieber generation tweeting their desperate confusion about why someone's name they don't recognise is trending. What is far more concerning than that is how Britain's only ever female leader being gone will impact the future of women in politics.
Thatcher was certainly not a feminist either in principle or in practise. She is alleged to have said that feminism was "poison". Far from seeing herself as a role model to female politicians, she actually promoted fewer female MPs than her male predecessors. She was the archetypal successful woman who revelled in being 'one of the boys'. But in a curious way the cult around her, particularly in the later years of her career, was one that could only have been excited by a woman.
The attraction of this political party for women is simple. Green Party benefits include practical things as a national rape crisis hotline, options for job-share, equal pay, maternity care, childcare and maternity/paternity leave, supporting breastfeeding, support for domestic abuse and violence.
Much like the millions of individuals the event represents, International Women's Day has become a force to be reckoned with
America awoke on Wednesday morning to find it still had a Democratic president, but also that it was more female, a bit gayer