women in prison

Investing in solutions that will ensure that women and their children are supported to break the vicious cycle of offending, saving millions to the public purse in the process
Prisons are evidently ill-equipped to respond to the complex needs of women - while ministers drag their feet, women continue to die
The closure of Holloway prison could yet become a catalyst for lasting change, if, in its place, we offered homes and constructive community support to address the core issues that repeatedly trigger offending. This would be a real legacy for social justice and could help substantially reduce the female prison population in the process.
I've tried to be strong and confident but sometimes as a woman, it really hurts when you are trying to move forward and there are so many barriers to overcome to achieve basic human rights such as a safe place to live in which to rebuild your life. Even months later the struggle continues and I'm still in temporary accommodation and battling ill-health. It's no wonder women with no-one to turn to go back.
At this time of significant policy interest in prison education, we need to focus on all these groups of women; the families, the women prisoners and the staff, in order to improve its impact in order to reduce re-offending, meaning fewer victims and safer communities for all.
The majority of research which links homeless and imprisonment focuses on women leaving prison. The prison service has recognised within their policy documents that issues relate to having or maintaining a house to return to.
A British grandmother who was coerced into trafficking drugs into Bali and cooperated with the authorities remains on death row in Bali as the British Government refuse to fund her defence.
Women who have been trafficked into the country to work as prostitutes, drug mules or domestic servants can end up in UK
If women's prisons were closed statistical evidence has proven that the vast majority of the female prison population would be of no danger to the public and would make a great saving to the public purse.