Women's Studies

It would do us well to consider more what the patient is saying rather than who is saying it
The news that Oxford University is extending the time allowed for Maths exams in a bid to help women achieve better grades is anything but progressive
I thought about my own experiences as I read Madison Marriage’s piece about the men-only Presidents Club charity dinner at London’s Dorchester hotel last week
You are more powerful than you think - make the government work for you and not the other way round
We were passing the history textbook around the class, as you do when you are in year 10, reading a section each as we went
Later today we will launch Prospect’s short film ‘Breaking the bias barrier’. Produced in collaboration with Wilbury Primary
Ofsted must intervene and schools need more resources, says study.
More than a third of girls have suffered sexual harassment at school, a disturbing new report reveals.  The research from
It’s time for these women’s mountain-moving work to be recognised and celebrated